The Bioplastic conference 2019 brings together experts from the entire value chain in bioplastics to update the industry on developments within the field. The day offers both national and international speakers in as diverse fields as feedstock and raw material suppliers, plastic converters, brand owners, authorities and organizations.

Biobased plastic is primarily made from renewables. This family of plastic materials is increasingly used. This happens as a direct replacement for traditional plastics but also in entirely
new products and applications. Both climate as well as marketing gains might be obtained by doing so. Another type of bioplastic, often mentioned in the same context, is biodegradable and compostable plastic. This is plastic made partly from renewables and made to biodegrade and composte according to global certifications.

At this conference you can hear more about both types and in what kind of applications they are appropriate. The day begins with an overview of the topic provided by the European Bioplastics Association, European Bioplastics. The subsequent speakers represent different industries and will both discuss bioplastics in a packaging context and in more technical products. Similarly, there will be cases and examples that address biodegradability supplemented with the Environment and Food Administration’s view on this topic.

Attend this conference if you want that latest updates on one of the important materials of the future.

• European Bioplastics – Kristy-Barbara Lange
• Nature Works – Erwin Vink
• ABM composite – Tomi Kangas
• FKUR Kunsstoff GmBH – Patrick Zimmermann
• BASF – Dr. Jens Hamprecht
• Cafes Novell – Carles Sanz
• ARLA – Grane Maaløe
• Miljø og Fødevareministeriet – Frank Jensen
• FORCE Technology – Charlotte Merlin
• Biobag – Panu Keski-Nisula