Remote Sanitation ApS

Based on expertise in the field of decentralized wastewater treatment in Denmark, Remote Sanitation bring to market a unique and cost-effective sanitary solution for wastewater handling and treatment in remote areas, especially in refugee and relief camps.

The vision behind Remote Sanitation arises after several years of research and participation in humanitarian missions. For example in 2009, Aalborg Rørteknik ApS has made a training and education program for the locals in Kenya to handle wastewater, and in 2012, it has built a rainwater harvester system in Tanzania. These missions made them aware of the urgent need for a low-cost and modular solution for the sanitary installation and wastewater and sludge treatment. However, there are two additional problems that are not considered when designing these solutions, i.e. the high prices and logistic to transport and assemble the system in remote areas, and the lack of experts to operate the wastewater treatment plant.